How to Manage Your Won Money at Gambling and Sports Betting from Busting It Up at Online Sportsbook


Have you heard stories about people hitting big jackpots, winning high staked all in Texas Hold’Em poker or going on hot streaks in sports betting???

Needless to say you’ve got.

And what happened with most of esports (short time to get massive amount money) people???

Simple answer — they got a complex to be unbeatable and lost all of the money they got in those short time and even went busting their entire bankroll in looking to find back on sexy streak.

Do not let that to EVER occur to you.

All you have to do will be to follow along…

1st and most important rule you have to implement is simply how much money are you really going to maximum bet about 1 bet?

These can represent a:

% of your bankroll (for example 2% or 5 percent ) or

it could have a fix amount (such as $200 or even $5000 ).
I myself bet 5% of my current bankroll and that I change my stake every 2 weeks (that’s 2x a month). Which means that I take up per year with the very first day of NBA regular season and that I bet a $1, 000 on a single bet. Then I change amount every 2 weeks BUT my bet is always 5%.


My starting bankroll is 20.000 and 5 percent is 1000. After fourteen months my current bank roll is let’s say $28.000 therefore 5% is $1400 and that I bet to the next 2 weeks $1400 on each and every bet.

But do not only read these lines here but…

STOP READING Currently and Find a choice HOW MUCH WILL YOU BET on every wager from today on!!!

Just take as many time as you need (hours or minutes that I don’t care) but please don’t do it for my sake but DO IT yourself!

Believe me you will thank me then once in long run for these step you can make NOW!

Let’s carry on to…

The classic mistake the average bettor makes, will be to bet parlays.

In just about any expert sports where any team can be conquered it’s suicidal to bet on doubles or higher team parlays.

Yes the chances are receiving higher but your chances are somewhat more rapidly falling then odds for winning that this parlay is rising.

Truth: more clubs you devote your parlays, the less chance you’ve got to be at sportsbooks at the long term.

You might secure some parlays once in a while however in the very long haul you’re simply throwing your money away.

And that’s it.

Stick with this simple 2 rules, obey them and you will end up minimizing the probability of breaking your whole bankroll in less then a week.